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04 2021.01.
Top 10 Forest News of 2020
TOP 10 Forest News in 2020The year 2020 was a very special year to the Korea Forest Service like much of the world. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, we had another fruitful year.Here are top 10 forest news of 2020 selected through a survey of journalists and KFS staff.1. Implementation plan of K-Forest for the Korean New Deal in the forestry sectorThe Korea Forest Service (KFS) has announced “K-Forest Plan 2020-2030, as Korean forest new deal policy including the creation of 5,000 public jobs in the forestry sector in the post-Corona era. 2. Forest healing programs for Corona-blueVarious projects are being carried out to provide more effective forest healing programs for recovering from Corona-blue which is a combined word of Coronavirus and blue meaning depression. Forest healing programs have been proved effective in Corona-blue so far.3. Increased public value of well-managed forests- about 4,000 USD per capita The public value of Korean forests reaches 221 billion USD per year which means each citizen can be provided with public benefits of about 4,000 USD. In order to publicize the importance of well-managed forests and related policy, the month of November is designated for a forest tending period. 4. Opening of Sejong National ArboretumAs part of our efforts in response to climate change, the KFS established “Sejoing National Arboretum” with the nation’s biggest greenhouse so as to conserve and propagate native plants from the central temperate forests. 5. Largest forest growth in the Asia-Pacific region by FAO reportAt the 25th session of FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO) it was addressed that the Republic of Korea saw the largest rate of growing stock in the Asia-Pacific region between 1990 and 2015. The result comes from the flagship report in the region named “Forest Futures-Sustainable Pathway for Forests, Landscapes and People in the Asia-pacific region”.6. Enactment of the Act on Urban Forest The Act on Urban Forest has been enacted with the purpose of creating and managing urban forests in a more systematic way. That way it is expected that various urban forests will reduce fine dust and alleviate urban forest heat island phenomenon, thereby creating a more pleasant living environment and more resting places in the urban areas.7. Five rich national forests for recovering from pandemic fatigue in forests Five rich national forests with outstanding landscape and high ecosystematic value are widely publicized throughout forest eco-tourism so as to offer opportunities for those who suffer from pandemic fatigue to get themselves recharged in forests. 8. Era of wood building by lifting restrictions on wood building scaleRestrictions on wood building scale stipulated in the Building Structure Standards have been abolished so more tall and large wood buildings are expected and the wood building market will also grow.9. Wearable robots for forest fire-fighting- intelligent equipment for forest work safety The KFS has developed wearable robots for forest work, especially for fire-fighting with the view of preventing forest disasters and minimizing damage thereby ensuring safety of the people. 10. Night aerial fire-fighting with “Surion” helicopterA night fire-fighting helicopter called “Surion” has been developed domestically. With a successful trial operation, the Surion was mobilized to suppress Andong forest fire at night. * Attached picture : Annoucnment of K-Forest Plan by KFS Minister
29 2020.07.
World Forestry Congress 2021 to be Held in Seoul
The XV World Forestry Congress (XV WFC) 2021 will be held in the South Korean capital, Seoul, with the theme of ‘Building a Green, Healthy and Resilient Future with Forests.’ A range of forest-related challenges facing the humanity are subsumed under the overarching theme, including deforestation and forest degradation, climate change, and sustainable growth, and they will be addressed at sub-theme sessions and forums. Opportunities and areas of opportunity will also be discussed as sub-themes, including the management and sharing of forest information and trans-border cooperation in forestry. Importantly, the Congress will shed a light on relationships between forests and human health to reflect a growing interest in health amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.The coming international event is expected to set the stage for Korea to present its advanced integrated wildfire control consisting of four steps ? forest management, wildfire prevention and containment, fire fighting, and fire rehabilitation and restoration. The host country will also share its experience and know-how in information-technology-enabled investigation and monitoring of forests, and the creation of urban forests.The WFC Secretariat is currently receiving abstracts of research papers, video presentations, and side-event proposals on the XV WFC official website and in August, will accept online early-bird registrations and unveil a detailed program of the Congress.
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