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  • 2020's
    • Aug.2022 Celebration of 100 Years in Forest Science and proclaimed “2050 Vision”
    • Feb.2022 Selected as an Executive Agency with the highest grade (graded the highest 11 times in the previous years)
    • Jan.2021 Completed the National Forest Fire Research Center
  • 2010's
    • Aug.2018 Hosted World Conference on Timber Engineering(WCTE)
    • Jun.2016 Opened Forest Medicinal Resources Research Center (FMRRC)
    • Apr.2015 Renamed as the National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS)
    • Apr.2015 Awarded the Best Executive Administrative Agency two years in a row
    • Aug.2010 Hosted the 23rd IUFRO World Congress
  • 2000's
    • Jan.2004 Reformed as the Renamed as the Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI)
    • Jan.2001 Reformed as the Reformed as the Executive Administrative Ageny*
  • 1990's
    • Jan.1998 The Forest Genetics Research Institute was merged into FRI, as the Institute’s new Forest Tree Improvement Department (Formerly the Forest Genetic Resources Department)
  • 1980's
    • Dec.1987 Reorganized and renamed as the Forestry Research Institute
  • 1940's
    • Feb.1949 The Forestry Experiment Station was instituted as an affiliate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • 1920's
    • Aug.1922 The Forestry Experiment Station was placed.

Executive Administrative Agency *

Introduced in 2001, the system of Executive Administrative Agencies has allowed organizations more autonomy in their decision-making processes, in order to allow them to provide more effective and efficient administrative services.

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