1. MISSION Research and develpoment of forest science and technology bringing the nation happiness and virtuous circle of forest value

    Research institute for the people by creating future forest value with an innovative science technology

    • Core Values
      • Goal orientation
      • Challenge creativity
      • Customer first
      • Value realization
    • Principles of Management
      • Influential research with well-defined goal and target
      • Development-oriented research for solving pending issues and challenges
      • The Institution for the people and foresters
      • The Institution that realizes the sustainable value
  3. Strategic Goals
    1. Forest Science R&D where expands its impact
    2. Securing future forest growth engine
    3. Establishing a forest science service framework for the people and foresters
    4. Establishing a sustainable management framework
  4. Strategic Tasks
    1. Implementation of objective-oriented scientific research
    2. Creating a collaborative convergence research ecosystem
    3. Research and development of forest science contributing to substantial carbon neutrality
    4. Strengthening the strategic technology-based to revitalize the new forest industry
    5. Strengthening achievements of the national sentiment for participation and communication
    6. Service innovation through the spread of forest science output and sharing with others
    7. NIFoS-ESG based realization of value
    8. Optimizing the institutional operating system for fair value reflection
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