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The Forest Science Exhibition Hall was built in 1999 to provide and disseminate knowledge and information on forest, forestry and wood industry to the public. Made of Korean native woods, the building is a remarkable exhibit by itself.

Forest and Human - Exhibition Hall 1 (175㎡)

  • Forest and Human - Exhibition Hall 1 (175㎡)
    The purpose of the Exhibition Hall 1 with wooden columns is to reflect the close relationship between forests and humans through posters, videos and stereotypes.
  • Benefits of Forests
    Benefits of Forests The more the benefits provided by forests to humans are, the higher the public 'Happiness Index' is. The exhibition hall shows the quantitative data of clean water and air, the absorption of carbon dioxide (a main culprit of global warming), recreation and tourism, a pleasant living environment, forest bathing, soil erosion control and the provision of habitats for animals through videos and display panels.
  • Green Dam
    Green Dam The reason why the forest is called a 'green dam' and ways to enhance such a function, and comparison between coniferous and broadleaf trees are demonstrated through posters, videos and prototypes.
  • Forest and Environment
    Forest and Environment Global warming has an impact on all sectors such as forests, ocean ecosystems, natural disaster, water resources and agriculture. International pacts and conventions reached to cope with climate change due to global warming are introduced through posters and videos. Ways to curb climate change among the public are presented through kiosks.
  • Forest Tending Effect
    Forest Tending Effect Why should we tend forests? Because forests offer public and economic benefits. In order to enhance such functions amid global warming, the methods of forest tending and forest conservation are displayed through videos and panels.
  • History of Forestry, Forest of Life
    History of Forestry, Forest of Life The history of forestry in Korea from the ancient times to the present is introduced by kiosks, including major events and development processes, legends and myths, culture and environments associated with forests. The Forest of Life offers a chance to experience butterflies in various colors.
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