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The Forest Science Exhibition Hall was built in 1999 to provide and disseminate knowledge and information on forest, forestry and wood industry to the public. Made of Korean native woods, the building is a remarkable exhibit by itself.

Main Hall

  • Main Hall
    The columns and wall panels at the entrance are made of Pinus densiflora. The lattice pattern ceilings are made of 40 Korean native tree species including Pinus densiflora and Pinus koraiensis to exhibit the characteristics of Korean native species. In addition, the log cross-section samples of 17 domestic and foreign tree species are displayed.
  • the roof structure of the Main Hall
    The roof structure of the Main Hall is space truss made of Pinus densiflora timber. The species of columns are Abies holophylla and the wall boards are Pinus koraiensis. Inside the hall, 14 domestic log samples and 62 domestic and foreign originated marble samples are on display.
  • the wooden pagoda in the Main Hall
    The wooden pagoda in the Main Hall, made of red pine glulam (glued laminated timber), is a symbol of reinterpreted traditional wooden pagoda, such as the main building in Ssangbong Temple and the Palsangjeon Pavilion in Beopju Temple. The design of the pagoda symbolizes the universe, as a circle on the top, the earth, as a square at the bottom, and human, as a octagon in the middle. Also, the pagoda represents the harmonization between the past, present and future.
  • Neo-wa Jib
    The wooden shingle house, Neo-wa Jib, model (scale 16:1), traditional home to slash-and-burn farmers in the mountainou areas in Hamgyeong, Pyeongan and Gangwon Provinces, provides an opportunity to learn the structures and architectural technologies.
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