Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)


1) To expand mutual benefit including R&D capacity building by supporting joint cooperation and researches among organizations and research institutes related to forest and forestry worldwide

2) To contribute to expand Korea's advanced green technologies throughout Asian countries by supporting R&D capacity building activities of developing countries

3) To establish the national status as a R&D center of Northeast asia region in forest and forestry

  • Period : 2011∼Current
  • Method : International Contribution
  • Background : MOU between CIFOR-KFRI (23 Mar. 2002)
    2nd MOU between CIFOR-KFRI (16 Dec. 2011)
  • Details and Output
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). Consist of Period, Contents
Period Contents
'04 ~ '07
  • Localization and forest management
  • Simulation of distributing Asia forest timber
  • Southeast Asian countries and forest governance
  • Sustainable management of small private forest in the localization era
'07 ~ '10
  • Analysis on policies of forest carbon sink in accordance with the convention on climate changes
  • A feasibility study on A/R CDM project
'09 ~ '10
  • Researches on REDD policies
  • A study on evaluation methodology of PES (Payment for Environmental Services) and its institutional system
  • Forest changing aspect and REDD in developing countries
'11 ~ '12
  • A guideline for implementing REDD+ projects in Indonesia
'12 ~ Current
  • Expand the volume of forest carbon through the sustainable management in REDD+ system
  • A fundamental study on maintaining balance between bioenergy supplies
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