International Union of Forestry Research Organization (IUFRO)


1) To expand mutual benefit including R&D capacity building by supporting joint cooperation and researches among organizations and research institutes related to forest and forestry worldwide

2) To contribute to sharing information and enhancing cooperation among Asian and Russian countries by supporting Global Forest Information Service (GFIS) for Asia and Russa Programs, capacity building activities of developing countries

3) To play a leading role as the national institute on the global issues including climate change, biodiversity conservation, and prevention of desertification

  • Period : 2002∼Current
  • Method : International Contribution
  • Background : MOU between IUFRO-KFRI (16 Mar. 2002)
    The 2nd MOU between IUFRO-KFRI (18 Sep. 2008)
  • Details and Output

1) Made the financial support from KFRI equally reinvested throughout Asian regions, by requesting the program targeting for Africa, Asia, Pacific regions
2) Established Global Forest Information Service (GFIS) on Asia and Pacific regions
3) Operated several programs including restoration of devastated sites in North Korea, prevention of desertification in China
4) Expanded the range of Special Programme for Development of Capacities for forest scientists (SPDC)
5) Implemented capacity-building projects for local forest regions by hosting international conferences and workshops targeted for Asia and Pacific regions

Assistance Details and Output of International Contribution to IUFRO

(1 Million Korean Won)

Assistance Details and Output of International Contribution to IUFRO. Consist of Period, Details
Period Details
'02 - '06
  • IUFRO-GFIS project
  • IUFRO-SPDC project
  • IUFRO-GFIS project
  • Hosted North-east asia Forest Forum
  • IUFRO-SPDC project
  • IUFRO-GFIS project
  • IUFRO-SPDC project
  • IUFRO-GFIS project
  • Hosted 23th IUFRO World Congress
  • IUFRO-SPDC project
  • IUFRO-GFIS project
  • Hosted IUFRO Task Force meeting
  • IUFRO-SPDC project : Hosted committee meeting and workshops on Climate Change (in China)
  • IUFRO-GFIS project : Developed Information service on North Korea and hosted workshops (in China)
  • Sent researchers to International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria
  • Conducted international joint researches (on developing forest fire system)
  • Promoted a project on updating IUFRO-SPDC traning manual
  • Promoted a research project on devastated forest land in Africa region
  • Conducted a joint research with IIASA, Austria

※ GFIS (Global Forest Information Service)
※ SPDC(Special Program for Developing Countries)


1) Facilitated the fundamental study for two Korea's reunification to be conducted, by requiring contribution from KFRI to be invested in research projects to restore the devastated ecosystem in North Korea
2) Secured the opportunity to take the leading rold as a primary nation in the international discussion, by expanding the global network of forest science and hosting the 23th IUFRO World Congress in 2010 (recorded as the largest scale with 2,031 papers presented and 2,734 scientists from 93 countries.
3) Built a capacity to respond to and provide relevant information concerning forest and forestry that has influence on international binding norms including Convention on Climate Change and Convention on Biological Diversity

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