Hongneung Experimental Forest location image
The Hongneung Experimental Forest is located at the southwestern foot of Mt. Cheonjang (elevation : 141 m a.s.l.), east of Seoul. In the past, the grave for Empress Myeongseong was located in the forest (The grave was moved to another region in 1919). The name of the Experimental Forest originated from the name of the grave, Hongneung (‘Neung’ means a grave in Korean). In 1922, Korea’s first arboretum was established in the forest with the foundation of the Forestry Experiment Station. During the weekdays, the forest is opened to the students for educational purposes. Since 1993, the forest has been opened to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, to increase people’s understanding of the importance of trees and forests.

Location : Hoegi-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul city

Area : 41.8 ha

  • Arboretum : 13.4 ha, Urban forest : 21.9 ha

Forest origin

  • Artificial forest : 8.2 ha
  • Natural forest : 22.5 ha

Status of the arboretum

Status of the arboretum
Garden Type Needle leaf trees Broad-teaved trees Shrubs Flowering trees Medicinat plants Exotic trees Ornamental trees Honglim garden Millennlum hill
Area(ha) 1.7 1.1 5.5 0.1 0.2 2.6 1.6 0.4 0.2

Major activities in the Hongneung Experimental Forest

Major activities in the Hongneung Experimental Forest. 5-1 image
01 Performing research projects
02 Providing ecological and environmental education programs
03 Establishing the information system for an efficient management of the forest
04 Maintaining the stabilization of urban environment
05 Establishing the database of trees in the arboretum
06 Monitoring the change of biodiversity in the urban forest
Major activities in the Hongneung Experimental Forest image
  • 01Measuring the influx and efflux of water
  • 01-1A test for the control of oak wilt
  • 01-2Breeding of new varieties of oak mushroom
  • 02, 02-1Ecological and environmental education
  • 03Thematic map of the forest
  • 04, 04-1Investigation on breeeding ecology of birds at artificial nestboxes
  • 05, 05-1A database system for managing individual tree’s history
Dilatata Lilac (Hongneung Experimental Forest) 06-1
Dilatata Lilac (Hongneung Experimental Forest) 06-1 image
06 Measuring photosynthesis of trees
06-1Monitoring of the flowering time
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