Suwon Experimental Forests location image
The Suwon Experimental Forests are scattered near Suwon city, Gyeonggi-do province with a small area. All of the forests are located under the altitude of 210 m a.s.l. and have a mild slope. Most of the forests have a good access because they are adjacent to the roads.
  • EF in Suwon city : Since the clonal archives of Korean red pine and Korean pine were established in 1962, the forest has played a major role in developing tree breeding technologies.
  • EF in Hwaseong city : The hybridization breeding of pines and the provenance tests of introduced tree species have been performed.
  • EF in Yongin city : Poplar breeding programs have been carried out and used as a model forest to showcase breeding activities.
  • EF in Yangpyeong-gun : The provenance tests of introduced trees have been conducted.

Suwon : Omokcheon-dong, Homaesil-dong, Gwonseon-gu
Hwaseong : Eocheon-ri, Wonpyeong-ri, Cheoncheon-ri, Maesong-myeon, Nae-ri, Wangnim-ri, Suyeong-ri, Bongdam-eup, Yeongcheon-dong, Dongtan-myeon, Doi-ri, Hyangnam-eup
Yongin : Gomae-dong, Giheung-gu
Yangpyeong : Byeongsan-ri, Gangsang-myeon

Area : 251 ha
Table of Area info
Area(ha) Suwon Hwaseong Yongin Yangpyeong
Progeny test 95.9 29.6 55.7 3.6 7
Landscape 110.1 13.6 91.9 3.7 0.9
Gene conservation 45 11.3 31.4 2.3 -
Total 251.0 54.5 179.0 9.6 7.9
Status of the forest
  • With the exception of experimental sites, most of the forests are composed of pitch pines aged between 30-40. The averaged height and diameter at breast height (DBH) of pitch pines are 10 m and 10-20 cm, respectively. Oaks and shrubs such as bushclover are also occurred.

Major activities in the Suwon Experimental Forest

Major activities in the Suwon Experimental Forest 02-1 image
01 Progeny and provenance tests of major timber tree species
02 Provenance tests of introduced tree species
03 Breeding of fruit and nut tree species
04 Breeding of special purpose tree species
05 Developing short-rotation woody crops for bioenergy applications
06 Developing Living Modified Organism(LMO) trees
Major activities in the Suwon Experimental Forest image(01, 01-1, 02, 03, 03-1, 04, 04-1, 05, 05-1, 06, 06-1)
  • 01 A clonal archive of East Asian ash (Fraxinus rhynchophylla)
  • 01-1 A progeny test stand of Korean pine
  • 02 A provenance test of Pin oak
  • 02-1 A provenance test of yellow poplar
  • 03 A clonal archive of chestnut tree (Castanea sp.)
  • 03-1 A clonal archive of Hardy kiwi (Actinidia sp.)
  • 04 A clonal archive of special purpose tree species
  • 04-1 A clonal archive of Oriental raisin tree (Hovenia dulcis)
  • 05 A clonal archive of poplars
  • 05-1 Short-rotation woody crops for bioebergy applications in Yangpyeong-gun
  • 06 A performance test of LMO trees
  • 06-1 Phytoremediation of toxic metals using LMO trees in the abandoned mines
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