• General Services Division
    • Research Planning and Coordination Division
  • Forest Policy and Economics Department
    • Forest Industry Research Division
    • Forest Welfare Division
    • Global Forestry Division
  • Forest Conservation Department
    • Forest Resource Management and Restoration Division
    • Forest Ecology and Climate Change Division
    • Forest Disaster Management Division
    • Forest Insect Pests and Diseases Division
    • Urban Forests Research Center
  • Forest Bioresources Department
    • Forest Bioinformation Division
    • Forest Tree Improvement Division
    • Forest Biotechnology Division
    • Special Forest Products Division
  • Forest Products Department
    • Wood Utilization Division
    • Timber Engineering Division
    • Wood Chemistry Division
    • Forest Technology and Management Research Center
    • Forest Biomaterials Research Center
    • Warm Temperate and Subtropical Forest Research Center
    • Forest Medicinal Resources Research Center
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