Recreation Forests Designed for the Disabled
  • DATE2008-07-21
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= National Recreation Forests designed better for the disabled =

The disabled have been faced often with difficult access to recreation forest facilities. So the Korea Forest Service has started the forest recreation service designed for the disabled.

The National Recreation Forest Office provides the support service in an effort to clear up those difficulties in using recreation forests.; priority reservation system: reservation call : adjustment of steep slip roads : removal of elevated thresholds : paving braille blocks : toilet equipment, etc. Rooms have been constructed, based on the universal design which considers an easy access and convenient facilities for the disabled. Furthermore, the 20% millage of room charges shall be accumulated and applied for the next use since most disabled are not financially independent. The disabled can be also wheeled along on deck roads in recreation forests.

This service is for the disabled to use recreation forests easily and enjoy nature without any difficulties like ordinary people.

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