Forest Magazine: Green Hopes
  • DATE2009-03-20
  • HITS2360

is a news program that covers the importance of forest resources and current issues and policies of Korea Forest Service.

[Green News]
- KFS set to implement tree planting for low carbon green growth
- KFS launches forest GIS portal site on March 2
- "Hanul Memorial Park", the first state-owned tree burial forest to open in May.
- KFS and Indonesia MoF adopt the MOU on wood biomass energy industry development

[Video Clipping]
- Cheong-ryang-san, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

[Green Growth Report]
- Green jobs, provides hope. Interview with forest workers

[Forest IN LIFE]
- Golli-su(骨利水), mystery for thousand years
- Forest fire in March, caused by rice paddy burning