First Tree Planting for the year 2015
  • DATE2015-02-26
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The Korea Forest Service (KFS) began its 2015 tree planting plan with the first planting event held in Nakan Folk Natural Recreation Forest on 13 February. The first event was attended by Dr. KIM Yong-ha, Deputy Minister of KFS, Mr. LEE Jeonghyun, Member of the National Assembly and other 200 participants.

The participants planted in Sunchoen 2,000 subtropical evergreen deciduous trees such as camellia, cheesewood, Osamantus asiaticus and Daphniphyllum macropodum. Suncheon is located in the southern part where the ground thaws out earlier so it is suitable for earlier tree planting ahead of the spring.

In the hope that tree planting will contribute to the improvement of forest resources and the enhanced base for sustainable forest management,? Dr. KIM Yong-ha ensured that KFS will go on to plant 52 million trees on 22,000 ha nationwide until April this spring.

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