Certified Environmental Auditor
  • DATE2004-10-25
  • HITS820
Founded in 1991, the Canadian Environmental Auditing Association (CEAA) is an association for environmental auditors that encourage training and development of environmental auditors through a certification program that provides a framework for the ethical and work-performance standards expected of a third-party auditor working in Canada.

The CEAA certifies environmental professionals based on their audit experience and credentials. Recognized by the Standards Council of Canada as a certifying body for EMS auditors, it includes a "Certified Environmental Auditor" (CEA) designation for environmental professionals with extensive training and experience.
While over 200 environmental auditors have been certified to date, the CEAA has so far certified only 31 members to the CEA(SFM), a certification established in 1997 specifically for auditors involved in carrying out sustainable forest management audits for CSA certification using the CSA Z809 audit criteria. The designation verifies that the auditor has met the criteria as defined by national and international standards for environmental auditing. (CSAZ809 outlines requirements for a sustainable forest management (SFM) system based on principles similar to those applied in environmental management systems.)

In 2003, the CEAA formed a partnership with the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB). It transferred the administration management of the certification for environmental auditing over to CECAB in the hopes of speeding up the assessment for certification, by using an online system managed by CECAB, which was established in 1997 to develop and administer the national certification program for Canadian environmental professionals.

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