Wood Vinegar, the First to Get Forest Product Quality Certification
  • DATE2004-10-14
  • HITS909

Mr. Cho Yon-hwan, the Chief of the Korea Forest Service declared that "Wood Vinegar" products from 2 companies were the first to be certified with the Forest Product Quality Certification after the implementation of the quality certification system on July 1, 2004.

What is Forest Product Quality Certification?

It is a certification issued by Korea Forest Service after careful testing and evaluation of forest products. Currently 3 products namely charcoal, wood vinegar, and preservative treated wood are the target for the certification. A certification seal is attached to the product for the consumers to easily distinguish its quality and performance.

What is wood vinegar?

It is a liquid formed by cooling the smoke from the process of burning charcoal. Wood vinegar production could not only make use of small pieces of wood that can't be used as sawn wood or construction materials but also contribute in income increase for the forest owners.

Wood vinegar is mainly used in soil sterilizing products, odor removal products, disinfectants, insecticide, etc. As an environment-friendly substance, it plays an important role in organic farming.

The two companies with certified wood vinegar products are Gangwon Wood Vinegar Industry Inc. and Daehan Wood Charcoal Industry Inc. The wood vinegar from these two companies went through an extensive evaluation by the Korea Forest Research Institute and selected experts.

Korea Forest Service will continue to promote reliable quality certification process and post management. Also, Korea Forest Service will continue to expand the target products for the certification.