Awarded 'Beautiful Forests' in Goseong County and Geoje City popular to tourists
  • DATE2003-12-09
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Korea Forest Service and Forest for Life co-hosted “ Beautiful Forests Festival” and announced two beautiful forests on 18th November: Doo-ho village forest in Ko-seong County and Dojang-po village forest in the city of Geo-je. Thereafter, the two forests have become hot spots for tourism. Doo-ho village forest is about 7㎡ in size with various tree species, including hackberry, hornbeam, zelkowa and pine tree, and it was established about 400 years ago. At that time, the Doo-ho villagers started planting trees to shelter the northern part of their village. Since then, the villagers have been very active in conserving their community forest; they also set the sign “ care for our forests” in 1975. There is also the monument that reads “forest for people” established in commemoration of farmer’s movement in Doo-ho forest in 1985. With increasing tourist population, Ko-seong County office is now trying to find ways to prevent possible damages from visitors. Dojang-po village forest is another one, which was selected as a beautiful forest. Because of its location, near by Hae-geum River and the ocean view from the mountain, the Dojang-po village has been a famous tourist attraction. Source: Yeon Hap News Staff reporter Lee, Jong-min