Safety Exercises at the Natural Recreation Forests
  • DATE2014-05-21
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National Natural Recreation Forest Office puts every effort in preventing forest disasters and negligent accidents

On 15 May, 2014, the National Natural Recreation Forest Office of the Korea Forest Service (headed by Mr. SEO Gyeong-deok) initiated the mock exercise for the emergency situation at the Mt. Bangjang Natural Recreation Forest.

At the exercise, assuming there was a fire at the lodging facility, they focused on checking the practicality of the emergency manual and analyzed the possible disasters and negligent accidents.

They also checked the swift initial response, treatment of emergency patient, and the cooperation system with the relevant agencies.

Mr. KIM Gi-bok, the leader of the Western Regional Team under the National Recreation Forest Office, said that "since the Natural Recreation Forest has many wooden facilities, it is essential for us to have the quick initial response capability." He also said that the National Recreation Forest Office "will use this exercise as an opportunity to enhance the facility safety checks and perform continuous response exercises to prepare for various disasters and accidents."

This was the third mock exercises for the National Natural Recreation Forest Office in this month, first in Mt. Cheongtae Natural Recreation Forest (Hoengseong, Gangwon Province) on the 8th, and second in Mt. Daeya Natural Recreation Forest (Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk Province) on the 13th.

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