Jumbong-san of Inje, Gangwon Province
  • DATE2008-10-22
  • HITS1850

Jumbong-san rises 1424 m above sea level and it is also known as the viewing deck for Seorak-san. Jumbong-san has been designated as the Forest Genetic Resource Protection Area and public access is restricted.

At the peak of Jumbong-san, peaks like Gari-bong(1421m), Guitte-bong(1577m), Mangde-am-san(1240m), Hangyeryeong(920m), Daecheong-bong(1708m) can be seen in one sight. To the right of the Daecheong-bong is the East Sea and the Yangyang city are overlooking. The magnificent sight of endless mountain ridges is overlooking from all four sides.

The public access is allowed until Gombyeryeong. However, before hiking the Gomberyeong, permit should be issued from the Inje National Forest Office. Gomberyoeng shows off the diversity of rare and endangered plant species. The old yew trees stand in its elegant posture as if exuding its historical backgrounds. They are one of the must-see sights.

Although hiking in this wonderous mountain can be enjoyable, it is always important to keep in mind that the weather is often harsh and many wasps have settled in this deep forests. It is also important to not loose track of time since it gets dark as early as 4 PM.